College General Body

General Body - General Body: Embracing Unity, Diversity, and Leadership

General Body: Embracing Unity, Diversity, and Leadership The General Body at PDCJ Patamda is the heartbeat of our college community, representing the diverse voices and aspirations of our student body. Comprising elected student leaders, our General Body actively engages in shaping the vibrant culture of our institution.

Key Functions: Representation: The General Body serves as a democratic platform where students elect representatives to voice their concerns, ideas, and suggestions. These representatives play a crucial role in fostering open communication between students and the college administration. Leadership Development: We believe in nurturing leadership qualities among our students. The General Body provides a platform for emerging leaders to develop essential skills, including teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Event Planning: From cultural festivals to academic symposiums, the General Body takes the lead in organizing various events that enrich the college experience. These events foster a sense of community and celebrate the diversity within our student body.

Community Engagement: Our General Body actively participates in community service initiatives, promoting a sense of social responsibility among students. Through outreach programs, we aim to make a positive impact beyond the college campus.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Every student at PDCJ Patamda is encouraged to participate and contribute to the General Body, ensuring that all voices are heard, and diverse perspectives are considered. We celebrate the richness that diversity brings to our college community.

Get Involved: Whether you're passionate about advocacy, event planning, or community service, the General Body welcomes your participation. Explore leadership opportunities, connect with like-minded peers, and be a part of the transformative experience at PDCJ Patamda.

For more information about the General Body and upcoming elections, please stay tuned for announcements or contact the student affairs office. Together, let's build a college community where every student's journey is valued and empowered through the General Body.

Internal Complaint Committee 1. Dr. Sumanta Kumar Sen 2. Mr. Krishna Pada Mahato 3. Dr. Shaligram Mishra 4. Mr. Chandra Shekhar Mahato 5. Dr. Gita Chakraborty 6. Mrs. Madhuri

OBC CELL 1. Dr. Sumanta Kumar Sen 2. Mrs. Shashwati Mahato

ST/SC/Cell 1. Dr. Sumanta Kumar Sen 2. Mr. Shrikanta Majhi 3. Mr. B Kumar

Women Complaint redressal Cell 1. Dr. Sumanta kumar Sen 2. Mrs. Shahla Bano 3. Mrs. Shashwati Mahato 4. Mrs. Madhuri 5. Mrs. Kajal Rani Mahato